Coast Guard ASVAB

Like the Navy, the Coast Guard looks at standard score directly. They also look at the following line scores to indicate which position a recruit might be most suited to in active duty.

Line ScoreStandard Scores IncludedFormula
Engineman (ENG) Auto & Shop Information (AS) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) AS + MK
Administrative (ADM) Verbal Expression (VE) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) VE + MK
General Technical (GT) Verbal Expression (VE) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) AR + VE
Mechanical Maintenance (MEC) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Auto & Shop Information (AS) Mechanical Comprehension (MC) AR + AS + MC
Health (HM) General Science (GS) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) Verbal Expression (VE) GS + MK + VE
Mechanical Maintenance 2 (MEC 2) Assembling Objects (AO) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Mechanical Comprehension (MC) AO + AR + MC
Electronics (EL) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Electronic Information (EI) General Science (GS) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) AR + EI + GS + MK
Nuclear Field (NUC) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Mechanical Comprehension (MC) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) Verbal Expression (VE) AR + MC + MK + VE
Engineering and Electronics (BEE) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) General Science (GS) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) AR + GS + (2 x MK)
Operations (OPS) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) AR + MK

Coast Guard recruits generally are not given guaranteed jobs and start reporting for duty doing general work on the first year.

Coast Guard Retake Policy

A retest may be authorized for Coast Guard enlistments six months after the latest take, if the applicant’s reason is only to improve scores to meet the criteria of a specific enlistment option. If there is a significant indication that the initial test scores do not seem to reflect the applicant’s real capabilities, then the Coast Guard Recruitment Center may allow retesting after 30 days.

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