Why do people score low on the  ASVAB?

We asked thousands of people why they scored lower on the ASVAB than expected.

Survey Results Indicate the Following

According to our research, these 4 things are the most common reasons people score lower on the ASVAB than they should have. Avoid these common mistakes and you will score higher.

  • Lack of Online Practice Under Time Constraints
  • Lack of Time for Preparation
  • Insufficient Knowledge on AFQT Subjects
  • Lack of a Plan for Success

39.7 Seconds
Average time allowed to answer each question.

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Survey Questions & Results

When you showed up to take the ASVAB, did you feel adequately prepared?

  • Yes - 16%
  • No - 84%

This is not something you can fake. You either feel prepared or you dont. Plan your work and work your plan.

Just before starting the ASVAB, did you feel stress, fear or anxiety about the time limits?

  • Yes - 77%
  • No -23%

The more you practice online under actual time constraints, the more comfortable you will be with the pace of the ASVAB.

As you were taking the ASVAB, did the time limits give you stress and effect your ability to think clearly? 

  • Yes - 65%
  • No -18%
  • A little bit -17%

Stress will build up on you as you go if you get behind the clock. The questions are hard enough without the stress. You must get comfortable with the pace and the only way to do that is online practice under the same time constraints.

When you finished the ASVAB, did you feel like you should have done more to practice and prepare?

  • Yes - 72%
  • No -28%

Realizing you should have prepared better AFTER the ASVAB does you no good at all. These people learned the hard way. You need to learn from their mistakes. Be prepared.

Did you finish each subtest on time without having to guess as time ran out?

  • Yes - 22%
  • No -78%

The more you have to guess, the lower your score will be. There are ways to increase your chances of guessing correctly but that also takes practice. See next question.

When you did not know the correct answer, how did you choose? 

  • Just guessed - 27%
  • Had a standard answer -13%
  • Eliminated wrong answers - 43%
  • Did not answer -16%

Knowing how to eliminate wrong answers in a multiple choice test is a critical skill that can only be developed with practice.

On Which AFQT subject did you score the lowest?

  • MK- 49%
  • AR-22%
  • WK- 16%
  • PC-13%

71% of respondents scored lower on Math related subjects. ASVABer has 45 Math videos to refresh your Math skills.

Did you have and execute a plan for ASVAB preparation? 

  • Yes - 33%
  • No -46%
  • Yes, but did not really execute -21%

Having and executing a plan is fundamental to your success with anything in life, especially the ASVAB.

How much time did you actually study and practice for the ASVAB? 

  • < 5 hours - 18%
  • 5-10 hours-21%
  • 10-20 hours-47%
  • 20+ hours - 14%

A single full length test takes about 3 hours. If you study 1 hour on each subject and take 1 full length test, it would take 12 hours. Be smart about your prep time. Put in the hours and you will score higher. Give yourself 2 hours per night for 10-14 days.

Did you purchase one of the popular study guides (like ASVAB for Dummies)? 

  • Yes - 53%
  • No -47%

A Guide Book is an important part of your ASVAB preparation because it covers all 9 subjects and helps you understand what to expect on each section. ASVABer has the top 3 Guide Books available for digital checkout one subject at a time.

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